Terms and Condition

  1. That the SECOND PARTY will make all the arrangement to supply manpower of workers from Bangladesh, as per the request and specification of FIRST PARTY.
  2. FIRST PARTY will recruit workers from above country through SECOND PARTY for his company.
  3. FIRST PARTY will agree to appoint SECOND PARTY as its legal representative in above country for the purpose of supplying manpower (Bangladeshi Workers) for his company and will provide all the required documents such as power of attorney, job order and contract agreement for the selected workers.
  4. SECOND PARTY shall provide office space and all the facilities which will be necessary for the interview however expenses such as hotel accommodation, air ticket for the authorized representative shall be solely the responsibility of FIRST PARTY.
  5. SECOND PARTY will be completely responsible to bring selected manpower as per the demand specification and any workers found to be medical unfit, refuse to work or wants to go back due to homesickness then SECOND PARTY will bear all the expenses for repatriation of said workers to their country of origin however replacement of such workers shall be done free of charge.
  6. FIRST PARTY shall make arrangement to make visa for all the selected workers.
  7. FIRST PARTY will provide free accommodation and transportation for the selected workers here in (COUNTRY).
  8. FIRST PARTY will provide medical facilities for the selected workers as per (COUNTRY) Law.
  9. SECOND PARTY will make all the arrangements for worker to be here before 20 to 25 days from the day visa is issued.
  10. This agreement takes effect upon signing thereof by both the parties concerned.
  11. Replacement will be made by the second party if the candidates fail to join the company on time or any other reasons.


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KSA Office

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