Bangladesh is a naturally beautiful country, which become a independent country by the one sea of blood and hard working in war of 7 corer people, in a result honesty, simplicity, loyalty, hardworking, talent, etc is the way of life of Bangladeshi. And they have deployed to various countries and achieve virtue of honesty, loyalty since long time.However Bangladeshi people are still now working in different country around the world by presenting their ability and capability of best experiences and honesty.

GULF INTERTNATIONAL is a well established, renewed and reputed manpower agency in Bangladesh; I think we are capable to supply of huge categories of skilled and unskilled manpower from Bangladesh for any project from any country around the world. Our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods ensure that we identify the talent with the necessary skills and personal attributes that will add value to your organization.

We are excellent in manpower placement, from several years we have made a remarkable contribution towards manpower resources and its utilization. Your inquiry about manpower requirement will be highly appreciated with greatest care. And we assure that with our experienced executives who are professionally skilled for the trade will be able to meet your demand with profound success.

We offer a full array of resources, from online training for a small-business staff to customized programs for businesses of all sizes, including many of the Fortune thousands companies, to ensure that your talent has the skills and knowledge needed to drive your business forward.

We align your workforce strategy with your business strategy, improving work models and increasing the agility and the competiveness of your workforce and your entire organization. We provide innovative outsourcing solutions across a wide range of disciplines. The world’s leading companies turn to us for Talent Based Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Service Provider Solutions and Borderless Talent Solutions.We help you respond for changing marketing conditions and emerging business opportunities by strategically mobilizing and sizing your workforce to meet the needs of your business, minimize turnover and maintain productivity.


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Mohammad Shariful Islam

Managing Director, Gulf International



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