Employment Selection

Pre-Processing Selection:
The pre-selection process involves advertisements in local mass media in order to inform potential applicants about the jobs or contract at hand. In many cases, Gulf International tends to draw on its pre existing pool of applicants and potentials either from returning contracts abroad or those in a waiting list for a new job. In this effect Gulf International will also be incorporating an extensive computer data base of all applicants present and future in conjunction with the new directives from the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (B.A.I.R.A) in effect from the 11th of June 2012. Coupled with our own personal data banks which have been maintained since 2002, Gulf International prides itself on its capacities to provide the right person for the right job. This is mainly due to our extensive experiences in the trade plus the development of our information technology.

Selection Process:
Our Selection process which involves choosing the best of the best from the interviews and tests conducted in the trade testing process, is like all other facets and functions of Gulf International, operated using the ideals of total quality management. At Gulf International, the only thing we refuse to compromise on is quality.The Selection of the personnel occurs in any one of the following two ways, depending on the criteria of the job description, the previous experience of the applicant, the presence or absence of a delegation from our partner firm, and any other specific characteristic of the job at hand:-

i) In the case of returning workers for a company, or for a company with which we have had extensive dealings with in the past, and when there is no delegation present, Gulf International undertakes the selection interviews itself through a specialized panel of experts in the discipline the job description adheres to. Over time most of our long term partners tend to trust our choices as we ensure that only the best are selected.

ii)The delegation from the hiring firm which will use the facilities in our office premises can also choose to conduct the extensive interviewing and trade testing and make the choice of applicants along with the help of our panel of experts if they so choose. Gulf International welcomes all delegations from our partner firms and we are experienced in making the selection process as smooth, effective and as efficient as possible.

Trade Ways Selection:
The trade testing process is an inherent part of the Selection process.Gulf International conducts extensive and thorough interviews for all applicants for all the jobdescriptions. Testing facilities for more complex engineering functions are also available at our office premises, in adherence to the most modern processes and techniques in use at the time. Gulf International prides itself on the quality of the workforce it supplies and in order to retain the high levels we strictly adhere to, our trade testing process is constantly modified and adapted with the needs and requirements of various professional fields. Gulf International has dispatched personnel for a multitude of differing professional fields, ranging from catering, cleaning, engineering, medical, healthcare, electro mechanical, ancillary services, mid level administrative staff and assistance, and various other managerial services.

Selection Of Medical Check-Up Process:

The medical examination for the applicants who have passed the first round of trade testing and or interviewsis conducted in the best medical facilities in strict adherence to international standards. Bonanza Overseas ensures that each and every personnel deployed to work at our partner firm′s facilities is fit and able.

Selection Of Valid documentation:

The validation of official documentation such as passports, visas (including visa queries at the relevant embassies),health certificates, academic qualification certificates,and any other such document is also collected and processed by Gulf International. Moreover necessary permission from Government Agencies and other legal institutions are also collected and endorsed by Gulf International. on behalf of such agencies.


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