Bangladesh is a country ornamented by natural beauties without stringy by the Mother Nature.Honesty, courage, simplicity, loyalty and hardworking are several characteristics of Bangladeshi way of life . Bangladeshi people have deployed abroad and exhibiting their virtue of honesty , loyalty and bravery from nearly two centuries. However , Bangladeshi are still working in different capacities and presenting their ability and capability in different countries around the world.

Gulf International , is a well - established and well - reputed employment agency in Bangladesh. Gulf International have main objectives to prepare and train Bangladeshi working force providing them in - country necessary training and making them suitable for the employment opportunities abroad. It is a prominent manpower agency in Bangladesh committed to serve the nation and its patron.

Gulf International , is prepared to provide the potential employers with information of necessary procedures required and followed in ensuring supply of suitable manpower. However, each country has its own particular rules and regulations, therefore we cannot generalize procedural formalities at employment. However, the care and pains we take in ensuring suitable workers are the same for each and every employer irrespective of the country of employment.

In addition,Gulf International like to bring under your kind notice that it's owner has experienced supply of a big number of work forces to various countries and the countries are Malaysia , Korea , Gulf countries (Qatar, UAE , Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Baharin. I have 15 years practical experience to big number of workers dispatched under Hyundai , Daewoo , Samsung , Dungah and other Korean companies through other recruiting agent in different countries.

I am fully confident that my company Manispower is capable to dispatched any number of workers under any Korean company as per requirement time to time.Our experience and expertise in the field of trade and economics canbe very useful to a country like ours. At the same time, services of sincere, honest and disciplined workers will help to boost thebusiness of the host companies as well.

With the above information Gulf International, like to take this opportunity to offer its sincere service to any dignified employer and we ensure you our best service at anytime.


Mohammed Shariful Islam
Gulf International


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